New Jersey Council of Deliberation




As part of our commitment to recognize Scottish Rite Masons who dedicate their time and effort in recruiting new members to our Valley, the Executive Council has established a “Membership Promotion Award” to recognize these individuals. The award itself consists of a Scottish Rite Blue Cap, which allows the Brother to wear it at any Scottish Rite function, when AASR Regalia is required.


General Rules and Guidelines:


To be eligible for the Blue Cap:


- A brother Scottish Rite Mason in good standing must topline sign 5 new petitions where the 5 candidates join the Rite in one and the same reunion;




- A brother Scottish Rite Mason in good standing must topline sign a cumulative of 10 new petitions in his lifetime


In either cases, and also as a requirement of eligibility for the award, the topline signer must act as a liaison between the Valley Office and the candidate and play the role of a mentor to these candidates, answering questions about the Scottish Rite, informing them as to the details of the next degree dates and the various statewide functions and events, and all other related logistics


A recommendation for the Blue Hat can be made by any member of the Executive Council, the Valley Office or the Valley’s Chairman of Membership Promotion Committee


The Deputy, the Deputy’s Representative, or the Executive Council reserve the right to make any exceptions to the above rules