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Attainment of the third Masonic degree, that of a Master Mason, represents the attainment of the highest rank in all of Masonry. Any Master Mason stands as an equal before every other Master Mason, regardless of position, class, or other degrees. Additional degrees are sometimes referred to as appendant degrees, even where the degree numbering might imply a hierarchy.


Appendant degrees represent a lateral movement in Masonic Education rather than an upward movement. These are not degrees of rank, but rather degrees of instruction. In many countries, some craft lodges use Scottish Rite ritual in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees. In the United States, members of the Scottish Rite can be elected to receive the 33° by the Supreme Council. It is conferred on members who have made major contributions to society or to Masonry in general.


The Supreme Council is the governing body of the Scottish Rite in the various jurisdictions, and charters all subordinate bodies. Voting members of the Supreme Council are chosen from among those members who have obtained the 33°.  These members are referred to as Active Members.


Degree Name and Number:


4°     Master Traveler

5°     Perfect Master

6°     Master of the Brazen Serpent

7°     Provost and Judge

8°     Intendant of the Building

9°     Master of the Temple

10°   Master Elect

11°   Sublime Master Elected

12°   Master of Mercy

13°   Master of the Ninth Arch

14°   Grand Elect Mason

15°   Knight of the East

16°   Prince of Jerusalem

17°   Knight of the East and West

18°   Knight of the Rose Croix

19°   Grand Pontiff

20°   Master ad Vitam

21°   Patriarch Noachite

22°   Prince of Libanus

23°   Knight of Valor

24°   Brother of the Forest

25°   Master of Achievement

26°   Friend and Brother Eternal

27°   Knight of Jerusalem

28°   Knight of the Sun

29°   Knight of St. Andrew

30°   Grand Inspector

31°   Knight Aspirant

32°   Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

33°   Sovereign Grand Inspector General


The Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction designates its degrees in the following manner:


4° through 14°:   Lodge of Perfection

15° and 16°:       Council of Princes of Jerusalem

17° and 18°:       Chapter of Rose Croix

19° through 32°: Consistory

The 33° is an honorary degree and is conferred by the Supreme Council.






Source: The Supreme Council