New Jersey Council of Deliberation



Remembering 9/11

By Paul M. Ferreira, Sep 11 2019 01:38PM

Today marks a poignant time in our lives. We are 18 years after the tragic attacks of 9/11. It changed all our lives in a blink of an eye. We all can recall just where we were on that tragic day. My personal story is no different. Brothers were swept away from our fraternal bond. It is fair to say that many who perished from these horrific attacks were New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut people. Many "out of towners" were probably there as well on business with it being the financial capital of the world.

The tragic events for me, only deepens our love of country, the purposes of Freemasonry and the overall mission and purpose of the Scottish Rite. Our core values of the Rite can only flourish in times of despair akin to 9/11. Always be mindful of our purpose and the values we hold as not only Scottish Rite Brothers but as Freemasons.

Pause to reflect today. Pause to remember the families that have been touched and the generations we are bound to impact from the effects and the everlasting impact this day has wrought.

God bless Freemasonry, God Bless Scottish Rite, God Bless America.