• New 33rd's Coroneted & upcoming class announced for 2021 Cleveland!

    Congratulations brethren on a fantastic session in Milwaukee! The capital city of the three B's...Bowling, Brotherhood, and Bratwurst!

    These were the words of the Grand Master of Wisconsin MW. Robert Strader at our opening session. It was met with resounding applause and laughter. Milwaukee was a fine host! Our sincere thank you to the brethren of Wisconsin!

    In addition to yesterday's appointments announced, I'd like to summarize the 33rd conferral class at this session and I am happy to announce the newly elected members from our jurisdiction to be honored for Cleveland in 2021.

    First, the current class of recipients were as follows:

    Valley of Northern New Jersey

    ILL. Edward Cantillo, 33°, MSA

    ILL. Thomas W. Murphy, 33°

    ILL. Kyle L. Nurge, 33°, MSA

    ILL. Richard E,. Schultz, 33°, MSA

    ILL. Mohamad A. Yatim, 33°, MSA, HGA

    Valley of Central Jersey

    ILL. Brian H. Blades, 33°, MSA

    ILL. Brian K. Hartel, 33°, MSA

    ILL. Henry J. Haughey, 33°

    ILL. Donald W. Murray, 33°, MSA

    Valley of Southern New Jersey

    ILL. Michael Aaron, 33°

    ILL. John R. Bradshaw, 33°, MSA

    ILL. Bruce C. Golway, 33°, MSA

    ILL. A. Kenneth Novakoff, 33°

    ILL. Peter W. Saunders, 33°, MSA

    ILL. Roy A. Winter, 33°

    Announced at this session for conferral in Cleveland are the following brethren.

    Valley of Northern New Jersey

    SP Gordon M. Fleming, 32°, MSA

    Valley of Central Jersey

    SP Carl V. Jacobson, 32°, MSA

    Valley of Southern New Jersey

    SP David Tucker, 32°, MSA

    Congratulations to all! Continue to serve our Supreme Council and our valley with distinction and honor!


    Ill. & MW Douglas R. Policastro, 33°, PGM

    Deputy for New Jersey

New Jersey Council of Deliberation