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By Paul M. Ferreira, Sep 11 2019 01:38PM

Today marks a poignant time in our lives. We are 18 years after the tragic attacks of 9/11. It changed all our lives in a blink of an eye. We all can recall just where we were on that tragic day. My personal story is no different. Brothers were swept away from our fraternal bond. It is fair to say that many who perished from these horrific attacks were New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut people. Many "out of towners" were probably there as well on business with it being the financial capital of the world.

The tragic events for me, only deepens our love of country, the purposes of Freemasonry and the overall mission and purpose of the Scottish Rite. Our core values of the Rite can only flourish in times of despair akin to 9/11. Always be mindful of our purpose and the values we hold as not only Scottish Rite Brothers but as Freemasons.

Pause to reflect today. Pause to remember the families that have been touched and the generations we are bound to impact from the effects and the everlasting impact this day has wrought.

God bless Freemasonry, God Bless Scottish Rite, God Bless America.

By Paul M. Ferreira, Sep 6 2019 10:13PM

As of this writing the Valley of Northern New Jersey is begining a drive for membership called.

"The Drive for 75". The goal is 75 new members from this years Grand Masters Reunion on October 19, 2019 to the Spring Reunion on May 2, 2020.

Additionally, the valley will offer a short term amnesty period for all those in arrears or who have terminated their membership in the past years. The petition fee is further being reduced to only $75 for candidates during this time frame aforementioned. Lets do this!

For more information or to obtain a petition please contact the Executive Secretary of the Valley Ill. Paul M. Ferreira, 33°, MSA at 908-688-7483 or via email at [email protected] We will worry about the second line signers if necessary.

Oh......I forgot to mention.....a special coupon code for 20% off merchandise at the Masonic Marketplace is being offered to all first line signers of petitions too!


ILL. Paul

paul ferreira
paul ferreira

By Paul M. Ferreira, Aug 30 2019 03:28PM

Congratulations brethren on a fantastic session in Milwaukee! The capital city of the three B's...Bowling, Brotherhood, and Bratwurst!

These were the words of the Grand Master of Wisconsin MW. Robert Strader at our opening session. It was met with resounding applause and laughter. Milwaukee was a fine host! Our sincere thank you to the brethren of Wisconsin!

In addition to yesterday's appointments announced, I'd like to summarize the 33rd conferral class at this session and I am happy to announce the newly elected members from our jurisdiction to be honored for Cleveland in 2021.

First, the current class of recipients were as follows:

Valley of Northern New Jersey

ILL. Edward Cantillo, 33°, MSA

ILL. Thomas W. Murphy, 33°

ILL. Kyle L. Nurge, 33°, MSA

ILL. Richard E,. Schultz, 33°, MSA

ILL. Mohamad A. Yatim, 33°, MSA, HGA

Valley of Central Jersey

ILL. Brian H. Blades, 33°, MSA

ILL. Brian K. Hartel, 33°, MSA

ILL. Henry J. Haughey, 33°

ILL. Donald W. Murray, 33°, MSA

Valley of Southern New Jersey

ILL. Michael Aaron, 33°

ILL. John R. Bradshaw, 33°, MSA

ILL. Bruce C. Golway, 33°, MSA

ILL. A. Kenneth Novakoff, 33°

ILL. Peter W. Saunders, 33°, MSA

ILL. Roy A. Winter, 33°

Announced at this session for conferral in Cleveland are the following brethren.

Valley of Northern New Jersey

SP Gordon M. Fleming, 32°, MSA

Valley of Central Jersey

SP Carl V. Jacobson, 32°, MSA

Valley of Southern New Jersey

SP David Tucker, 32°, MSA

Congratulations to all! Continue to serve our Supreme Council and our valley with distinction and honor!


Ill. & MW Douglas R. Policastro, 33°, PGM

Deputy for New Jersey